Don’t Auto-share from Social Network to Social Network

Social media is a part of our day, assuming you’re part of the 95% of the population actively engaged. Why shouldn’t you share a post from one account on one
platform to another? I’m specifically talking about Facebook posts being share to Twitter and vice versa. I’ve been guilty of turning on the share button for my Facebook Page, but quickly realized it might not be a great idea.

The users and posting formats are vastly different, but there are other reasons not to mix the two. In my view, posting something to Twitter with a link taking me away from the network I’m using at the time, is an annoyance. Most of the twitter posts with a “fb” link or oddly truncated posts, seem to never receive a response if I reply on Twitter. On the other hand, if you share twitter to Facebook, which is possible, the volume of posts turn off most and not replying to a post fed from another social network defeats the biggest purpose of social media. Engagement!

Since I know a few will hope to connect accounts anyway, the short version with a link to directions on Twitter is below.   This is far too easy and, while I understand the occasional logic for emergency notices or specific kinds of accounts, marketing services or anyone hoping to encourage engagement is doing the opposite.

Log in to the Twitter account you want to associate with your Facebook profile.

Go to your Settings menu’s Apps tab

Click Connect to Facebook.

 Source:   5/6/17

Consider the volume of posts.  On a typical day, I might reply to 5, 10 or 20 posts on twitter.  I use the service to read unfiltered news from around the world and save a number of searches related to Amelia Island, #RealEstate, #Florida , and even “Ed Boner” to keep up with any articles mentioning my name.  All show up in separate feeds or I use the hashtags to go directly to the search.  To see how I use Twitter, my account is .   Anyway, the volume creates an issue with a Facebook page, when feeding your twitter posts, but you can also create issues with the format, when posting Facebook pages to Twitter.  I will share or comment from other media, but I’m manually posting content and very rarely would advise just feeding something to my account.   The naming differences or use of hashtags is a bit different as well.  An @”name” from Facebook, might not match the same name format on Twitter.  Shortcuts or commands like “.” on Twitter, make less sense on the other network and the limit of 140 characters on Twitter sounds out-of-place on Facebook or cuts off a message, when going in the other direction.

The only exceptions, I can imagine, are for very low volume accounts or for informational community services.  Examples might be a Police Department, Fire Department, municipality or maybe a weather alert service.

Good luck and feel free to ask, if you have questions or want to know what I think about a specific social media platform.   My opinions are my own and were developed over the last 10 years using most major platforms, acting as an admin of several large online forums and self published blogs over the last 10+ years.

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