The Magical Blue Twitter Checkmark

I’m half tongue in cheek as I write, but everyone out there has to wonder exactly how Twitter chooses to verify an account. My business account on Facebook is verified and it is a pretty straightforward process. Twitter is something different. It isn’t popularity, because I can see accounts with fewer followers and the mythical, magical mark.

The blue verified badge  on Twitter lets people know that an account of public interest is authentic.  Source: 5/7/2017

So, tonight, I’m making my last (probably) attempt to ask for the verification check from Twitter. Will I be verified? Will I gain 10 points of IQ after the check appears?  Will Twitter stock increase to $35/share?  Will @Jack follow my account, endorsing my business ventures and future political campaigns? Nothing before today, will equal the excitement of seeing that rare and elusive check appear next to my name.

I’m just joking around, but Twitter does have an unusual and subjective, from my perspective,  process to verify accounts.  Does it really help business?  I’m not sure, but there are added commands available and the mark does have a certain prestige.  Generally, they aren’t handed out without a request and I do know a few verified users.  All said their marketing/PR department took care of the process and all seem to feel it was important enough to acquire.  I’m not sure yet, but I’ll let you know how it feels afterward.  In Fernandina…I’m guessing there might be very few or no verified accounts.  It may have something to  do with our rural status as a county or it may simply be the infrequent understanding of Twitter by the general public.   Traffic and interest in an account seem to be part of the equation for verification, but it may just be activity.

To be continued……

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