Social Media and Real Estate…Trees, Forest and Content

I’ve been using Facebook since 2007 and other social media for several years prior. During the last 10 years, use of this tool has become a more and more frequent part of my day. Brokers are required to be expert at communication and networking, but I continue to be amazed by “one dimensional” advertising programs, usually offering no interactivity, no feedback and consisting of a message on paper you hope someone might see.  How is it tracked? How many people read the ad or respond? Often these questions are simply impossible to answer with print advertising. My last print ad received a total of “ZERO” responses at a cost of more than $500.00! Compared to proper promotion by someone with an understanding of social media, print advertising is, literally, nearly worthless, in my opinion. I’ll stop beating the dead horse, but feedback from an old client last year made me think.

Concours d’Elegance Providing Content

Oddly enough, this one client thought I “ONLY” used social media to promote property. At the time, I took the impression as a backhanded compliment. The client liked social media and frequently visited my company page, so developed an impression based on their activity.  Sometimes we can’t see the trees for the forest, but social media, like it or not, is being used by well over 80% of the population. That would not include children too young to create a profile, those with various disabilities and, I’m guessing, those with an aversion to change. This equates to a higher percentage of the real estate buyer/seller target market, in my opinion. The point I’m trying to make is that we should adapt to the consumer preference and use any tool they are in the habit of using.

Communication might be key, but the average client might not always see the difference between an agent spamming their personal news-feed with real estate listings and someone with a genuine following. As a single user it is difficult to see the broader spectrum beyond the few people you might follow or a single paid post compared to real content and interaction. Periodically, I use services like to consider my “score” or I actually filter out spam with saved searches including the minus sign “-“. It is about followers/readers who like what you say and I like to know when content generates interaction.  Paying for content does nothing…especially without a live interaction at each end.  I pay attention to the things I feel create interaction and influence or define my presence.

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