Vision 2032 Invaluable Narrative for Nassau County

Shrimping was, at one time, a major part of the local economy.

Consensus reports like this represent a great deal of thought and care to match the community desires for growth and inescapable reality of change, coming to Nassau County.   Planning for the future is a part of good government and the requirement to plan for capacity, submit a comprehensive plan and need for a vision, beyond responsible planning, is interesting reading.

The recommended strategies of Vision 2032 reflect the community priorities identified in the visioning process. They became a primary source in the creation of the goals, objectives, and policies of the Nassau County 2030 Comprehensive Plan. Source: 4/4/17

As a broker, I make time to learn and read about my industry.  Reading over the story of where we were and where we want to go…well, invaluable is a good description. I grew up on the island and am one of the diminishing population of Nassau County/Amelia Island natives. Even for me, re-reading this confirms, but occasionally is a little surreal. When I was a kid, Citrona Drive stopped at the entry to the local dump. Most of the area along the beach was undeveloped, Sunrise Drive, Oak Marsh, Summer Beach, the Ritz Carlton and more, simply didn’t exist. Tourism was a more minor part of the economy and nightlife for kids sometimes consisted of driving from the beach to the river and back again. Main Beach (an older generation called it Wolf Park), was filled with a skating rink, games room, Moore’s Grocery, a country bar and putt-putt. Over the years, it can be difficult to maintain perspective. Newcomers often hope to change everything and locals sometimes think nothing should change.

Reading the visioning narrative is helpful in other ways. Beyond simply being a thoughtful look at the county, it offers a combined theme for future growth. Everyone, myself included, thinks in terms of personal experience. We make judgements and assumptions. My island should look a certain way and growth should only move forward when it fits my view of the world…or so I’d like to think. All change in local planning requires consensus or public support. A document like this offers a less biased, more realistic view of a possible future path. Regardless, I hope you’ll take a few minutes to click the link and read more.

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