WordPress, Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter…..

…..Snapchat, Plaxo, Google Plus, Youtube, Pinterest, Flickr and let’s not forget Myspace…is it still around?    I’m at home on a Friday night, just recovering from a common cold and reading the headlines.   Years ago, I started to think about the way communication was changing and the value of connections.    I was probably an early adopter and in one case a beta tester for all the social networks listed above.   The popularity of Facebook continued to grow, while some of the others struggled to maintain users or invent a way to make a profit.

I’m not sure if “social media guru” is accurate, but I have used all the services and have definite opinions as a user.  Most of the envoronments are, essentially, varying kinds of forums or blogs.  They all share the idea of content and sharing content to others.   Some, like WordPress, offer a way to syndicate the feed.    Twitter has an embed feature, Facebook has something similar and Instagram can be embedded into a page or traditional blog.   By far, Twitter best enables me to find content I would ordinarily never see.  I read a brief news story about $TWTR , the stock and began to think about the future of social media.   Making a profit is good, but being unique and having a loyal base of users is also important.

Here is my logic in support of Twitter’s future or an eventual buyout.

  • If I try to share a story to social media, Twitter is almost always a choice.
  • On my personal blogs, I never considered leaving off a “share to Twitter” button.
  • Facebook, my other “most used” social media site, is interchangeable over my morning coffee.  I use Facebook to talk about events with friends or for business, but Twitter for unfiltered news and opinion.
  • Twitter is more integrated as a micro-blog, into mobile phones.
  • I can search by event, subject, thread, location or user….(partial list)
  • I’m easily able to select or block content and finding interesting influential celebrities is a kind of accessibility no other media offers.
  • Moments, a new addition is interesting.  I can make a kind of online magazine, with stories I want to follow, keep or share.
  • Lists are a kind of abbreviated or specialized list of users to follow.  You can make a list or follow existing curated lists on almost any subject.

Twitter has something unique, adds value to my day and has a very loyal user base.  I’m not sure they can solve the profit issue, but Twitter compliments so many other social media platforms, it makes sense as an acquisition.   Consider offering a way to merge user names with another social media platform like Facebook or Instagram.    Facebook has a better messaging client, but Twitter’s simplicity and ease of use translates better to mobile.  Sometimes I’m just in the mood for 140 characters and feel like talking with a few thousand strangers.  I also like the ability to participate with a news story, while anywhere.  Interactivity?  This isn’t unique, but the flavor is different.

I’ve been using Twitter since 2008 and with my 10th year approaching, I want a platform I use frequently to find it’s way.  I’ll end with one thought.  Politicians (many),  news organizations cities, disaster relief and every reporter I know, uses Twitter.     The challenge is profit and, in my opinion, finding a logical merger partner.

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