Off-Site Parking Agreements and Impact to Development

I’m aware of at least one re-development paused after the recent discussions surrounding Slider’s parking, leased or rented in order to permit an expansion in the past.   In the past, the City of Fernandina has allowed development requiring parking to proceed, if an agreement to use nearby parking can be reached with other owners.  These agreements can expire and there lies the difficulty.   Currently, Slider’s and Day’s Inn are having a discussion about the current agreement or lack of agreement.  The city has given notice of potential non-compliance. Fast forward to about the 7:30 mark, if you want to hear City Attorney Bach’s summary. This is the only parking agreement I’m aware of, but I know this is a likely consideration in potential redevopment of the First Baptist Church property on North 5th.

Slider’s is a larger property and is more noticeable, since the location has little or no parking on site, with a building near or on the property line.  The adjacent public beach access parking becomes overflow for a business, so leasing space off-site to comply with the requirement to provide parking is a very important consideration for those concerned with beach access and for those considering developing in the same way.

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