Giant Florida Tomato Plant Towers Over 2 Story Florida Building!

This plant, growing out of an old building on 4th Street in Fernandina, towers over the building in the background. I think I have a green thumb, but this plant is growing out of a crack between the sidewalk and building….in February! I’m wondering if it will last long enough to bear fruit.

Angles and presentation make a difference. Does your lead picture show a home properly? Making a point of thinking about which shots showcase a specific feature makes all the difference. No, I’m not selling anything with a giant tomato plant, but I do think about every picture. The second picture of a home was pretty bland taken from the front. Changing the elevation and adding the crepe myrtle to the shot showcased the size of the yard and gave a very different impression.

I’m thinking a little about #FAKENEWS this morning as well and the difference a title can make to a blog post. “Giant Tomato in Florida” may be misleading, but I’m curious. When everyone can write something and self-publish, how much competition is there for attention? Media, even reputable media, seems to be less reliable today. I think I read a recent statistic (obviously factual, since I read it somewhere online) about trust of media around 42%. I know I’m personally using Twitter, Facebook, Google and other online sources to verify stories. If I’m not sure, I look for several versions and rarely take the reporter’s word. Locally, I’ve noticed the difference in coverage or “selection” of pieces over coverage, with the writer’s bias determining which pieces to include in a story. This, essentially, determines the conclusion a reader will reach. As a broker, I’m not going for fake news or misleading, but I do make a point of showcasing the best features. As a blogger or social media #GURU, (yes guru….my blog, my rules), I’m usually looking for engagement and attention, but then I’m opinion and marketing, not news.

Just think about your sources and the “presentation” of news or a property. Is it partially opinion and biased or is it entirely factual?

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