Common Home Repairs….First Five Years…Real Problems

All homes take maintenance. Some maintenance can be a minor repair by the owner and sometimes it can indicate a more serious problem. Blog posts shouldn’t be an effort, but something I read earlier made me wonder. Without the flowery paragraphs following a list of simple repairs, I think we can all use “google” to look for a video showing minor repairs or understand whether the items are covered under a builder’s warranty for new construction. Earlier I searched for “five common repairs” and any number of matches came up with uncommonly similar wording.

No homeowner I know is particularly concerned with “minor” repairs. We all need to plan for the big issues. Out of the list of common repairs, I see a handful of bigger underlying issues. Leaking faucets or toilets can lead to a bigger issue. Leaks can lead to mold or deterioration of framing. Peeling paint can indicate a poor paint job or an issue with moisture. Jammed disposals are easy, but thinking about how to use a disposal can make a difference in the lifespan. My wife has had some interesting adventures with disposals over the years, with broken glass, can lids, peach pits and rice, but most buyers and homeowners need to know how to plan for the big repairs, not the small repairs.

What can’t you afford? You should always consider the big items. How old is the roof? How many years of service are left on the major appliances? Is the kitchen up to date? Bathrooms? Is the flooring new, a current color? What kind of maintenance is needed to the home….painting inside or out? How old is the HVAC? What about pools or landscaping? When possible, I try to help a client consider the short term costs associated with buying and the costs associated with “OWNING” a home. Failing to plan for the big items can make a difference for many owners. The random crack or garbage disposal adventure won’t break the bank. A leaking roof at the wrong time or a broken air conditioning unit in summer can cause a serious problem.


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