Halfway Selling and Cuban Coffee Thoughts

Success with a client means listening. Talking over coffee, getting to know the property and the client is always a part of the job. Thinking about the relationships I have with clients, I can remember the kind of trust a good transaction leaves behind. I’ve read books about sales, relationships, maintaining relationships, real estate practice and even psychology or marketing related to the business. Does it matter? I think, for me, having a relationship after the sale and building trust that lasts through future business means more than the first sale.

If I make the sale and feel I may never work with the client again, whether I missed something or I failed to connect, it is a disappointment. I always feel the cup is only half full if I leave out either side of the transaction.

By the way, one of the best coffee stops on Amelia Island is at Hola Cuban Café on North 2nd Street. Not much more than a courtyard and tiny interior, this was my first exposure to Cuban coffee and now a stop several times each week. Running into the same people each week, with the running group toward the end of the week, local business owners and the owners, interesting on their own, is the kind of thing I enjoy about living here, but also the kind of place to build friendships. As adults or in sales, it is far too easy to be caught up in life and forget the details. The details make life worth living and make sales into something far more. Years ago, my original broker’s motto was “People Who Care”. She passed away in 2000, but I still think about her approach to life and sales. Care about your client. Treat the client with respect and try to give more than they expect. At the end of the day, the relationship and your reputation is always more important than a sale.



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