Quality of Life….Mountain Biking the Egans Creek Greenway

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Earlier today, I spent some time with a drone photographer, creating a video tour of an exceptional listing.  The dolphin show up at the end of the dock every few visits and I’ve encountered a resident hawk on the last two visits.  After a long day, starting with email at 7AM, my wife, youngest son and I took a ride through the nearby Greenway on Amelia Island.  The rabbits were uncommonly tame today and there must have been 100 along the entire trail.  We took several pictures above and missed one less common shot of a medium-sized water moccasin/cottonmouth.  They look a lot like the common water snakes, but grow bigger, have a different head shape and slightly different coloring.  This one was in the 4′ range and my wife passed by about 2 1/2 feet away on her bike without noticing.  It turned back into the grass and quickly disappeared from sight…..too quickly to power on the camera.  The blackberries are about half-ripe and my hands are a little stained.

The proximity of natural areas is a huge part of the popularity of Amelia Island and nearby land.  I don’t know of many places with so many outdoor areas, native animals, fishing, hiking, mountain biking and beaches….all within a few minutes.  I’m a fortunate native and know being born here was pure luck.  An old classmate replied, with regrets, to a reunion letter.  He described our time at FBHS and memories of the island  with the words, “We grew up in a magical place during a very special time, when life was much less complicated.”    It still strikes a note with me, but I’m aware of how much better the island is in some ways.  Our schools, beach access, beach quality, parks, local government, roads, parks, entertainment, restaurants (particular note) and diverse population, is all an improvement over the island 40 years ago.   We’ve all grown and the locals you see, for the most part, grew along with the island, becoming something special, in my opinion.  Most people travel to see the world.  The locals see the world as it comes here….to eat, play and enjoy the magic we sometimes take for granted.

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