iPhone Tricks

I’m continually discovering a new use or app for the most useful tool in my mobile office…..my iPhone.  Beyond email, scheduling and client contact information, I’ve found so many uses for the device, covering them all in one post would run chapters, instead of a few paragraphs. Today, it occurred to me to use the headset as a control for the camera. This might be an old trick for some, it just never occurred to me.  As a broker, I’m continually using the phone for communication through voice, video and type, but pictures and video are a huge part of every listing.   Just plug the headset in and set the volume controls to work as shutter control for the camera.  The same settings work for video, if you’re looking for a way to start and stop while the camera is in a fixed position.   Whether you want better selfies or need the best possible picture, taking any chance of movement out of the shot improves picture quality.

A Few Tips…..

  • Use anything for stability and to give the illusion of a much higher quality image.  Columns, tables, walking sticks, bean bags or even a car roof works.
  • Invest in a great photo editing app.  Great to improve the image or add effects.
  • Use the volume control for pictures.  Use touch to set the focus.  Both help me reduce movement and improve quality in a specific part of the picture.
  • Think about whether you need HD…I like increased resolution, but it isn’t always right for the purpose.
  • Take room shots from a lower point, to avoid rooms with low ceiling appearance or dark.   Just take a few shots at different heights and you’ll figure it out.
  • Add a plant or feature to frame a shot.  Think border and depth.
  • Learn to adjust color and apply effects.

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