Photographic Advantage

What sets the home apart? Landscape, privacy, trees….showcase the best features.


Filter liberally applied….this picture generated more calls in the first month of a listing…simply for the color of water.

I’m not a photographer!   That said, I take thousands of pictures each year.  Last year alone, I counted iPhone shots alone and racked up over 5000 pictures in the last 12 months.  You can’t help improving a little and, even if you don’t improve, even a blind photographer occasionally takes a decent shot.

Listings are all about curb appeal.  I’ve learned a few tricks over time and, while all the pictures aren’t my listings, I wanted to talk about the ideas to improve curb appeal and views.  Social media is a part of my advertising and prompting anyone to share a post or listing is the goal.

Don’t always focus on the actual property. Flowers, architectural details, wildlife….your goal is to “interest” a buyer enough to generate a view online, share or showing.

Waterfront or have a view…say no more!

Under contract in “one day”! Personally, i think the picture helped. Notice a crepe myrtle in the foreground. Take several angles, frame an entry….zoom in or out, go across the street.

Architectural detail? Show the most unique feature, even if it wont’ appeal to every buyer. Not my listing, but this is the only authentic log cabin I’m aware of on Amelia Island. Definitely interesting.

Nearby landmarks? Using landmarks generates interest. This is directly across the street from my office. the US Custom’s House, now US Post Office in Fernandina is the most visible historic structure on Centre Street.

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