Consolidate Your Strengths and Domains

Over the past year, I’ve changed a few things online and in my personal life.  The most visible change is in a fairly serious change to the activity in my life.  Prioritizing family, work, politics, health and the spiritual or life approach, makes a difference in how effective you can hope to be in anything.   I’m thinking about this today, so thought I’d write down a few of the thoughts as they relate to my business.  The title part of a quote from Sun Tsu….”It is enough to consolidate your strength, calculate the enemy, and get support from your men.”    “Your men”, in business, would be past clients or customers….in politics, it might be loyal supporters….in life…family and friends. 

Last year, I made a decision to stay out of politics for a few years.  The change, almost immediately, made it possible to be more effective as a broker.  I think people assume you’ll run again, but seldom expect the wisdom to see the shelf life of effective politicians.  The current election is bringing home the point, as outsiders see support and establishment struggles to find relevance.  Anyway, as a father, broker and someone with too many balls in the air, taking time away from politics was the right thing to do.   I think choosing to leave after a successful three years, leaves the door open for future possibilities…always a good idea. 

I’m also changing the blog and website approach, by consolodating several domains to point to the same blog…primarily centering on social media, real estate and life on Amelia Island.  The change is overdue and I’m looking at it as a kind of virtual spring cleaning.  Since the late 90’s, I’ve been writing or publishing two different blogs and taking a “HUB” approach to local events, but also publishing a site entirely centered on real estate or personal ideas related to real estate.  Last week, I started thinking about the effort to write everything twice and think about each perspective.  The following/readership was actually bigger for my personal/real estate blog and my social media following is respectable, so I really needed to think about effective use of time.  Fernandina Observer, NCFL Independent, Search Amelia and Dave Scott’s Blog, do a great job covering the local blogging, from news to editorial to satire.  I’m sure the local news and opinion is more than covered. 

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