Kudos to Rayonier Advanced Materials

8th Street Survey

According to a survey conducted in 2014, 82% of those surveyed felt landscaping improvements offered a substantial benefit to the appearance entering downtown Fernandina. http://www.fbfl.us/LDCED

Rayonier $RYAM has a history of being a great community partner.  Driving down 8th Street in the past few weeks, you might notice the improvements to appearance around well sites.  This location is adjacent to Napa Auto Parts.  Dark screening, fresh paint to the well house, palms and ligustrum plantings make the sites far more attractive.  Sometimes the improvements you don’t notice are more important than those you do notice.

Improvements to the 8th Street corridor and the entry into Historic Downtown Fernandina, has been an important goal for many years.  From goal setting workshops to visioning to the current 8th Street Revitalization effort, this corridor and the appearance, profoundly impacts business, real estate value and tourism on the island.

Thanks to anyone taking a proactive approach to improvement of their parcel, building or landscape and “Kudos to #Rayonier”.


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