Thoughts Leaving City Commission

Over the last two years, I served as Mayor of the City of Fernandina Beach.  The opportunity to give back was an incredible experience and I have no regrets.  I am proud to have been a part of a number of projects in the last three years.  Some, I initiated, some I helped complete or attempted to preserve, as the mix of people on the commission changed.   I played a part and felt connected to the following.IMG_0600

  • Contract Purchase of the North Front Street Lot (will allow correction of silt issue with shift of marina location, while benefitting CRA area at the same time)
  • Continuing to pursue Alachua Street Opening
  • Quality Improvements at the City Golf Course
  • Improvement at the Marina
  • Financial Improvement In Fernandina
  • Focus on Stormwater and Maintenance
  • Focus on Sustainability of Projects built with impact funds by looking at ownership cost as well as initial cost
  • Synthetic Drug Ordinance (NACDAC, Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi, deserve credit)
  • SVRA Race Approval (Mr. Ralph Thomas – Concours and Car Show advocate/enthusiast for peristence and Mr. Andrew Holesko – Airport Consultant for finding a way)
  • Youth or Mayor’s Advisory Council (Huge credit to Commissioner Robin Lentz)
  • Resolving the Impact Fee Lawsuit
  • Completion of the Approval of Terminal Building/Welcome Center category 5 rated structure and agreement with an FBO/Tenant
  • Acting as an advocate for Economic Development…I read this as economic diversity and health.
  • Completion of approval of the library and seeing the completion of the addition, with most improvements.  The “Friends of the Library” and, in particular, Mr. Bill Flynn, deserve more credit than anyone knows, for perseverance and dedication through completion of this project.
  • Consolidation of Emergency Dispatch at up to $1,000,000 savings in year one, with as much as $300,000 annual savings thereafter.
  • Bringing Bonhams to Amelia Island (credit to former City Manager Joe Gerrity and Marianna McIntyre, of Micah’s Place)
  • Purchase of Front Street lot allowing future potential savings on dredging and expansion of marina.  IMG_8002
  • Approval of Egans Creek for Fitness Park

Going forward, I hope future commissions will remember the importance of balance and diversity for Fernandina.   Commissions can be focused on single issues at the expense of other points of view.  It all comes down to  quality of life and the need to work.  Our community thrives on cultural and economic diversity.

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