….and Plans for the New Year

DSC00218 As the new year arrives, I’m making some big changes at The Realty Source, Inc..  A tenant is moving and after considering another location, plans are now moving toward a return to an old location just across the street from the new Baskin Robbins/Dunkin location.  What could be better…with nearly 40,000 in daily traffic visible from this space, walk-in traffic was always great, but with a coffee shop across the street, this will be one fantastic sales office. 


Interested in a new career or thinking of a change?  I’m now recruiting agents.   Moving day and grand opening are not set, but expect late April around Shrimp Festival.  Commissions will vary, but expect to see agent share in line or better than any of the major franchises. 


Why would you choose an independent over franchise?  Well, for one, the broker.  I’ve been an active broker for more than 25 years.  Agents, new and old, can use someone familiar with every aspect of the sales process, including networking in a way to increase your effectiveness.  Most agents also want a portion of their traffic to come from an office location.  Long overlooked, sheer traffic is important to generate leads.  Whether you’re looking at web traffic, walking traffic, phone calls, personal exposure or word of mouth….high traffic makes a difference.  It isn’t mandatory, but I will schedule times for agents and time to accept new prospects as the “agent on duty” each week.  If you feel under-utilized or want this kind of exposure, our new location is excellent.  Do you want the opportunity to act only as a referral agent?  The choice is yours.  We will work with generous listing side or selling side referrals between agents “in house”.   

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