Old Dump and Concerns…?

When I was younger, I lived at the end of a dirt road with a gate the the old dump beyond. I hope more attention will be paid to the old locations of potentially harmful sites like this in the future. An excellent editiorial is in the News Leader you may want to see.  The dumpsite was at the old end of Citrona Drive and, as I remember, was somewhere east of Citrona, south of Hickory Street and mostly north of Jasmine.  The location was used as a dump from the early 40’s until the early 70’s.  As a child, I loved shooting bottles with a  BB gun or sling shot.  As an adult, I wonder what might be buried underneath the trees and if it will impact the greenway one day.  Unfortunately, I do not believe the site was tested by FDOT prior to “restoration” of the greenway and was considered outside the area impacted by their restoration.

There is little incentive to discover a reason to test a site, when the plan is to use it for mitigation of a project.


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  • Ed

    I talked with Joe Gerrity earlier today. He has been a City Commisioner for some and is one of the good guys who care about the island. I am assured the COFB will look into the old dump site and hopefully testing will go forward.

    Good job Joe. The soil testing in the general location of the old city dump is truly cheap when compared to the possible environmental impact if we don’t test.

  • edboner

    Assurances aside, I have never found evidence the site was tested. I eventually contacted DEP to locate the dump on their records, but believe little will come of an untested site, with no real incentive for anyone to find a problem.

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